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Ticket office works - II-VI 14-18 H and 2 H before event.

About us

"Girstutis" palace - is designed for professional theater (Girstutis - King Mindaugas son's name). It was built in 1975 by Kaunas artificial fiber factor (director Leonas Mackevicius). At the moment it is Kaunas city property. Inside palace there is "Girtutis Culture and Sport Center" institution, whose mission - to promote professional theater, music, dance, fine arts, promote amateur reading art, find new leisure activities and much more according to different age, interests and education groups.

Organizing traditional events. This year for the 38 time held festival "Lithuania's theater spring - Kaunas 2016". During it the latest and the best performances were introduced. We mentioned March 11 st. community event. And of course our traditional New Years evening concert "Christmas together", and other city's events.

Throughout the year Girstutis organize about 220 different types events, which gets over 100 thousand different viewers. Thank you all!

569 auditorium seats   

and 500  scene     


      Make-up room can seat

       30 actors

Modern sound and lighting equipment    


Constantly running and constantly updated various artists and photographers exhibition


See you soon!

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