Ticket office phone: 837 454480
Ticket office works - II-VI 14-18 H and 2 H before event.

New season at the "Girstutis"

Lithuanian theaters will present premiere performances: "Next to heavens door", "Loto" (Domino theater), "Amnesia for 400 000 Eur" (Different theater), "Cult" (Versus Vertex)

"Elephant" (Naisiai summer theater), "Otelas" (A. Cholina dance theater), "Love letters" (Idioteatras).

Also: "Ana Karenina" (A. Cholina dance theater), "Caveman" (Idioteatras), "Raven" (Keistuoliai theater)


Also together we will mention Kovo 11 day event. 


Fri, 2016-10-21 16:18